Rules of Auto Racing – Use the Whole Track, Don’t Run Out of Gas, and Don’t Crash on the Last Lap

Checkered FlagOkay so, I’ve done little better racing myself, most of it legal on the track, and the first thing they teach you in racing school is to use all the track, and not to be afraid to do whatever it takes, and go anywhere on that track to help you take the advantage, pass another car, or get out of the way when needed. There are of course other basics in racing such as; have the best pit crew, drive the best equipment, run the best tires, and have the best sponsors with the best money backing you.

Memorial Day weekend in 2011 turned out to be a very interesting day in racing history, and it appeared that more lessons were learned, and races won due to prudent decision-making and working with the fundamentals. In the Indianapolis 500 on the very last turn the leader lost control of his formula 1 car while passing and lapping a slower car, he hit the wall, and slid towards the finish line. However, he was passed by the second-place car who won the race.

There was an interesting article recently on May 30, 2011 about “The 95-TH Running of the Indianapolis 500: As The Leader Turns” which ran prior on the weekend titled “Wheldon’s Wall Win – Last Turn Crash by Rookie Let’s Veteran Win Indianapolis 500″ by Paul Newberry of the Associated Press, and I read my copy of this article in The Desert Sun Online Version MyDesert [dot] com.

Of course not to be outdone, NASCAR also had a big race, but how could they top that? Well, the leader ran out of gas, coming into the last turn, and without any throttle coasted to the finish line, but he was also passed by the second-place racer. Yes, this was the next day.

Indeed, NASCAR had a last minute turn of events also, the leader of the race ran his car out of gas, can you believe it? There was a great article in the USA Today titled; “Hey, Conspiracy Theorists, NASCAR Ran a Good Show” by Jenna Fryer (AP Auto Racing Writer and a good one at that I might add). This article also published on May 30, 2011. The article stated;

“The longest race of the season seemed destined to be a snoozer. Instead, the suspense started early and carried all the way to the checkered flag, which went to Kevin Harvick when Dale Earnhardt Jr. ran out of gas on the last lap. The only way it could have gone better for NASCAR would have been if Earnhardt actually won and snapped his 105-race losing streak.”

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